join now and get free premium membership in this new PTC

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join now and get free premium membership in this new PTC

Post  montassarayed on Tue Dec 30, 2008 6:21 am

Free PREMIUM membership!

Hi fellow members I ask you to join this great new site thepaybux under me and get free premium
get it now

Click & Earn: Get Paid Instantly!

At, you get paid to click on links and view advertisements. You get paid $0.01 ($0.0125 for premium members) for every link you click. In addition, you also get paid $0.01 for every link your referrals click. Withdraw minimum is only $5 and we pay instantly with automated payments!
How Does It Work?

The process is amazingly simple. Once you create a free account, you can start clicking on links we provide. You will view the advertised website for at least 30 seconds and then click a button in order to confirm your viewing. Your earnings will automatically be deposited into your account! Once you reach $5, you can withdraw your earnings for cold hard cash

Premium free in the prelaunch

In prelaunch only paid the 3 best clickers and the balance be reset to 0 when the site is open.


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